M2M and IoT technologies give almost unlimited opportunities in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and gaining competitive advantage. Let us find and implement the best solution for Your business. Present and future technology will be optimised optimally used for Your individual needs. Thanks to new solutions offered by modern technologies, together we can discover reserves hidden in all enterprises.

  • 3Many companies and consumers are just learning how to optimally make use of communication technology between devices. Let us be Your guide in this world. New solutions can be implemented in both enterprise and smaller companies. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and implementing modern telemetry systems, M2M platforms, IoT solutions (Internet of Things) and Smart City elements.

    Our experienced team of professionals has been successfully creating both devices and software solutions for the most demanding Polish and foreign Clients for more than ten years. Choosing to cooperate with us, You can be certain that implemented solution will bring noteworthy effects.


Between 25 bn and 50 bn devices will be connected to the network in a few years. It will bring huge benefits resulting from “measure and manage everything” approach. The main benefits include increased productivity of employees, cost reduction, better allocation of capital and improving relationships with clients. New communication solutions in the area of M2M and IoT include, among others:

M2M, IoT is a quickly developing market with many new implementation, open to innovations and new business models. M2M market has existed in Poland for over a decade and its value has increased on average a dozen or so per cent every year. It is probably the only one of the segments of ICT services that will maintain growth rate also in the next decade. It is the future and there is no reason to run away from it. We are already part of the future and will implement technologies to work in Your company. Contact with us – write or call – we will gladly arrange a presentation.


Whether you need only counselling or complete system, the we will find the best solution. We provide counselling services, design devices and systems on demand, conduct feasibility studies, build, implement and maintain complete systems.

Dedicated solutions, solving current problems or giving new opportunities to business clients are what we are specialized in.

M2M and IoT is a real revolution. Companies will be able to produce cheaper and faster, cities will become more friendly and quality of life will improve.

We know how to help You – combining technical and business competences and pro-client approach, we will be able to meet expectations of demanding clients and cope with the most complicated solutions.


Nowadays, the large number of available and increasingly cheaper technologies enables to implement practically any new undertaking. Choosing appropriate method for Your business is a real challenge. Choosing proper technology is our job. Thanks to many years of experience of our designers, implementation of dozens of projects based on various technologies and ability to understand the needs of clients, you can be sure that well-chosen and professionally implemented solution will serve your company for many years. After all, we are engineers. Technology helps us to build your advantage over competition.

About Us

Telemetry, M2M, Internet of Things are not new dimensions of business anymore. It is the part of everyday life which is our element. We specialize in designing, producing and implementing modern telemetry systems, M2M (Machine to Machine) platforms, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and elements of Smart City. In these fields, we offer our clients the best solutions adjusted to their individual needs.

You will be surprised by power of technology and even more surprised by it’s effect on business. We focus on new quality. Team of our specialists has been in the business for 10 years. We are one step ahead of market – what we develop today will be available by our competition only tomorrow.

  • We are constantly learning – market is dynamic, full of innovations. We also create the methods which is the result of our constant search for unconventional and effective solutions. Strategic thinking is the most important element – from dialogue with clients, passion for creation to implementation of optimal solutions. Clients are our partners and we actively cooperate with them also after implementation of a solution is completed. We are looking for new methods of effective use of new applications together with our clients. Time is the most precious resource. We quickly adapt to changing reality and the needs of our Clients. Improving competences allows us to provide high-quality modern technologies, innovative services and products. Our clients know that their business is supported by the newest achievements.


Ambitious project need people with ideas. Therefore, we are looking for people with their own point of view. By sharing knowledge and inspiring, we build Your experience. You may learn from the best in the business. Every day, there will be a new challenge. But there nothing is for free.

You may join a team and rises to the challenges of present and future reality. We are looking for people who want to develop with our team and who will contribute to strengthening our position on the market. We are looking for people for whom work is an inspiration and challenge – not a necessity. Make use of Your good ideas and reserves of ambition. Take up the challenge.


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